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The purpose of this Cookie Policy ("Policy") is to inform you about the handling of cookies, the related processing of personal data and to provide you with an overview of all your rights within the meaning of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on Electronic Communications ("ZEK") of the Czech Republic and Regulation No. 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). As a visitor to the website, you are obliged to read these terms and conditions and if you do not understand any of the information or if you need anything, you can contact Jiří Smola at siklmiroslav79@gmail.com

What are cookies?

We use cookies to analyse data about our visitors, to improve our website, to display personalised content and to give you a great web experience. Cookie policy

Functional cookies

We use cookies to analyse data about our visitors, to improve our website, to display personalised content and to give you a great web experience.

Cookie cc_cookie
Domain zahradnictvisikula.cz
Expiration 182 days
Description Stores information about user's cookie usage consent.
Consumer Jiří Smola
Domain .gstatic.com
Expiration 20 years
Description Google cookie consent tracker
Consumer Google

Marketing cookies

They are used to track a user's website preferences for the purpose of targeting advertising, i.e. displaying marketing and advertising messages (including on third party sites) that may be of interest to the website visitor, in accordance with those preferences. Marketing cookies use tools from external companies. These marketing cookies will only be used with your consent.

Cookie 1P_JAR
Domain .gstatic.com
Expiration 1 month
Description These cookies are set via embedded youtube-videos. They register anonymous statistical data on for example how many times the video is displayed and what settings are used for playback.
Consumer Google
Cookie NID
Domain google.com
Expiration 1 year
Description This cookies is used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates and Google ad personalisation
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Learning about your rights and how to exercise them

You can object to direct marketing at any time. You can change your settings by clicking on the "Manage consent" button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Most internet browsers also allow you to control most types of cookies through their settings. You can therefore set your browser to notify you when you receive cookies and you can choose whether or not to accept the use of cookies. You can also turn cookies off or disable them completely. For more information, see the help section of your browser. You can delete cookies that are already stored from your computer on an ongoing basis. The settings within the cookie bar are consent and can be revoked. The consent that you, as the administrator, have voluntarily granted to Jiří Smola can be revoked at any time free of charge.

To these terms and conditions

This document shall take effect on 22 December 2021. Jiří Smola is entitled to update these terms and conditions if necessary. Always check the current version of these terms and conditions when browsing our website. The new version is effective upon posting. This is always displayed on our website to enable its archiving and reproduction.